Rent to Own Sheds… Your Chance at Cheap Storage.

Colorado Rent to Own Sheds from Innovative Structures

How can you avoid throwing money away renting a storage unit? In today’s world of clutter one popular solution has been the rental of an off-site storage unit. This can be an expensive solution, however; a 10×15 rental unit costs around $100 a month. This is essentially money put out with no probability of recovery. […]

A Detached Garage or A Garage Addition: What is my Best Choice?

Detached Garage Builder Colorado

Since a decision on a garage on your property can have many ramifications beyond just parking your car inside it’s a good idea to think through your plans before you start. Each situation is unique and requires looking at it with a critical eye. You may think the decision between attached versus detached garage is […]

Options for a Two Car Garage: Attached, Semi-Attached, Detached and Integral

In this blog we would like to look at some different garage types and their uses. What they are, their benefits and disadvantages, and most of all what it means for YOU, the garage owner. First a few interesting facts. In the early years of the horseless carriage, many of these contraptions were stored in […]

Preparing for Your First Portable Chicken Coop in Colorado

I suppose everyone has a bit of the farmer in them…live off the land…feel the grass under your bare feet…be your own boss…set your own schedule etc. Oh, so a great place to start is with a portable chicken coop. Hmm…the ability to collect your own fresh eggs from your chicken coop, cook up an […]

Colorado Shed Builder Launches New Website with Four Key Features (Press Release)

Colorado Shed Builder Gets New Website

Innovative Structures has been serving the Eastern Slope of the Rockies as a Colorado Shed Builder providing backyard sheds, prefab garages, and other outdoor structures since 2004. But one thing they were lacking was a robust online marketing program. The simple website in place failed to reflect the narrowing of their focus to backyard sheds, garages, and […]